September 17, 2019 – Yearbook

2019 CarTrawler Ancillary Revenue Yearbook
IdeaWorksCompany researched financial filings made by 154 airlines all over the world. It’s the biggest Yearbook ever with 140 pages and 76 airlines disclosing qualifying revenue activity. Now available free online, the 2019 Yearbook provides a detailed global review of a crucial revenue source that delivers a jumbo $7.2 billion for American Airlines, 29% of sales for AirAsia, and $18.47 per passenger carried by the Lufthansa Group. The $55.7 billion worldwide total represents 10.7% of all revenue for the 76 airlines in the survey.

If you prefer to read a printed version of the Yearbook, these can be ordered from Amazon.  The price you pay is the cost of printing, along with taxes and delivery.  The Yearbook is available at or you can search your local Amazon Marketplace using this ISBN:  1695413962.
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