Consulting Packages

IdeaWorksCompany can create a project proposal for any of the areas listed on the Expertise page, such as enhancing frequent flier programs or providing a bottom line boost through ancillary revenue activities.  Clients may also choose from the Consulting Project Packages listed below. Please click on the link to download a full project description.

Please contact Jay Sorensen for package pricing and information.

Master Class On-Site Seminars
Illuminate and innovate with on-site Master Class Workshops by IdeaWorksCompany.
Enjoy the convenience and savings of private seminars held at your headquarters with an agenda chosen by you. Create your own agenda from a library of presentations provided by global airline consultant and analyst Jay Sorensen. You may choose a 1- or 2-day format and consider including time for one-on-one consulting. Simply add coffee breaks and lunch to the schedule. It’s a convenient, cost-effective, and customized method to educate airline managers on crucial marketing issues. You can fill the room with general staff or limit attendance to senior leaders. The presentation style is designed to encourage debate and discussion in a confidential environment.

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Ancillary Revenue Strategy Project
Airlines enjoy greater revenue success when they become productive retailers rather than passive shopkeepers. IdeaWorksCompany offers a one-price solution for carriers seeking to build ancillary revenue. This package begins with a week of on-site consulting seminars, interviews, and assessment to support three primary ancillary revenue areas: 1) commission-based products at the website, 2) travel-related a la carte services, and 3) onboard a la carte features.

The key deliverable for the project is a 35- to 40-page customized assessment of the revenue opportunity provided by 10 individual ancillary revenue activities. The Ancillary Revenue Strategy Report provides a business plan for the implementation or improvement of ancillary revenue initiatives. The Report consists of the following sections:

Commentary Section which includes a summary of report recommendations, description of the methods used to gather information, review of organizational designs used by other airlines, and a suggested organizational design for the client.

Ancillary Revenue Matrix lists 8 ancillary revenue activities under the categories of a la carte features, commission-based products, frequent flier activities, and advertising / miscellaneous. These would be chosen by the client at the conclusion of the week of on-site activities. Some of the activities may be currently provided by the client, and the rest will represent new opportunities for the airline to consider. Each will be color coded with an “at a glance” assessment to designate revenue potential, implementation effort, and customer impact.

Individual Ancillary Revenue Items are described in 2- to 4-page sections which include the following information: a) Summary of the activity, b) Benchmark activity and revenue examples from other airlines, c) Description of service design and instructions for implementation, d) Operational, product, and marketing considerations, and e) Revenue projections for the airline.

The Ancillary Revenue Strategy Report is delivered to the client 2 to 3 months after the project begins. The project may conclude with an optional on-site presentation of the assessment and recommendations to senior management. Additional support for implementation and ongoing assistance can be added to this project.

Building a Frequent Flier Program – Consulting Package
IdeaWorksCompany offers a one-price solution for an airline seeking to evaluate a frequent flier program opportunity. A total of 10 modules are offered to provide support for all areas of frequent flier program planning, procedures development, and program launch.

Initial Evaluation – Module 1 focuses on the carrier’s unique travel product and the expectations of its guests. Numerous face-to-face interviews with the carrier’s executives provide the consultant a thorough background on the company and its products, and allow client executives to learn more about loyalty marketing. The week of activity will be summarized in a 4-page report. The Initial Evaluation Report will provide an outline of the program.

Business Plan – Module 2 is offered as a separate project to begin the process of building a frequent flier program through the development of a comprehensive business plan document. This project will create a 25- to 30-page Frequent Flier Business Plan that will outline the design of a customized loyalty program for the client.

Procedures Development and Program Launch – Modules 3 through 10 provide further program development, create operational systems, and assist with program launch. The component approach provides maximum flexibility for the client; any or all of the modules offered may be requested.

IdeaWorksCompany can also determine mileage/kilometer/point values for transactions involving frequent flier programs, wholly-owned subsidiaries, and program partners.