Feb 22

February 22, 2017

Best Practices in Capturing Airline Ancillary Revenues on Mobile
WIT Web in Travel
Here are the best methods used by the top 25 airlines to capture ancillary revenues on mobile, according to a report from IdeaWorksCompany. The latest report, “Ancillary Revenue Goes Mobile: The Best Methods Used by the Top 25 Airlines” from IdeaWorksCompany, researched the in-path booking capabilities of the mobile applications offered by the world’s largest 25 airlines.

Dec 28

December 28, 2016

Here’s Why Alaska Airlines Is Keeping Its Generous Frequent Flyer Program
“There is a component of the marketplace that is very sizable — perhaps 50 percent —that will only consider price, even with the inconvenience of a connection versus a nonstop,” said Jay Sorensen, an expert on loyalty at IdeaWorksCompany who has consulted for several airlines, including Alaska. “But frequent flyer programs have never seen designed to win everyone. They have been designed to win at the margins.”

Dec 02

December 2, 2016

Airlines to charge for food, seats and other facilities to up ancillary income
The Star, Malaysia
EMIRATES, the world’s largest airline by international passenger traffic in 2015 which saw a 75% drop in profit for the six months to September this year, is now charging a seat assignment fee for its lowest price fares.  Come Jan 11, British Airways will start charging for snacks and drinks for its European flights on economy class, complimentary now, on short-haul flights defined as five hours or less.  This is part of the plan to grow ancillary income, which is non-ticket sources such as baggage fees, on-board food and services, seating, selling frequent flier miles to parties and even early boarding.  A recent report by ancillary revenue consultancy, IdeaWorks, and online car rental booking company, CarTrawler, predicts that ancillary incomes will reach US$67.4bil this year. This is a 200% increase from US$22.6bil in 2010. It based its projections on the ancillary revenue activity of 178 global airlines.

Dec 01

December 1, 2016

Airlines expected to rake in $US67.4b globally from extra lucrative services
National Business Review – New Zealand
The amount airlines make from charging travellers for extras such as in-flight food and drink or selecting a seat with more leg room, is forecast to rise by 13.8% this year to $US67.4 billion.  The projection, from airline ancillary revenue consultancy IdeaWorks and online car rental booking company CarTrawler, covers 178 airlines. They predict the additional lucrative income airlines worldwide make from travellers has risen nearly 200% since 2010 and now accounts for an estimated 9.1% of airline revenue globally.

Nov 13

November 13, 2016

Airline Industry Q&A: Jay Sorensen of IdeaWorksCompany
TravelAge West
Spotlight 2017: Jay Sorensen, an expert in the airline and aviation trends, shares what we can expect for the industry next year.  To find out more about what’s on the horizon for the airline industry, we spoke with Jay Sorensen, who closely monitors market trends and is president of IdeaWorksCompany, a consulting firm that specializes in the airline and aviation industries.

Oct 11

October 11, 2016

Innovaciones en comercialización para viajeros aéreos y potenciar beneficios
Expreso – Spain
English headline translation: Innovations in marketing for air travelers and enhance benefits.  El último informe de IdeaWorksCompany proporciona varios ejemplos, que cubren tanto las aerolíneas tradicionales y las compañías aéreas de bajo coste como los proveedores en todo el mundo, para demostrar los métodos únicos que generan más ingresos a partir de la venta de billetes de avión y actividades generadoras de ingresos por servicios complementarios

Oct 05

October 5, 2016

The Best and Worst Hotels for Cashing in Rewards Points
The Wall Street Journal
The top performer in a new comparison of hotel loyalty program payback is Wyndham Hotel Group, which revamped its Wyndham Rewards loyalty program 18 months ago to make it a lot more beneficial to travelers. Consulting firm IdeaWorks, which specializes in loyalty programs, compared earning and burning points at six different hotel chains and found average payback at Wyndham is nearly 14%. For every $100 you spend at Wyndham, Ramada, Days Inn, Wingate and other hotels, you can get back $13.60 worth of stays on points.